CLARO halo package: HT OMEGA's released HD sound card with onboard digital input and output, supports hardware and Front Panel Audio. Claro Halo  provides Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Headphones, and Base Management. And to enjoy on demand audio or intense gaming with powerful Dolby Digital or DTS sound through your AV receiver, it can encode Dolby Digital (Dolby Digital Live) or DTS (DTS Connect) signals in real time. Hook up CLARO with Front Panel Audio Express to complete your PC!.

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 eCLARO : Experience Claro series audio under PCI Express interface.  eClaro provides Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Headphones, Base Management and streams through your AV receiver by encoding Dolby Digital (Dolby Digital Live) or DTS (DTS Connect) signals instantly and also exclusive a headphone output connector as Claro halo..

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  halo USB: HT OMEGA's newly released USB interface sound device. halo USB provides powerful headphone output thru exclusive headphone output connector. It supports up to 600ohm impedance headphone. And halo USB supports DSD (direct Stream Digital)  files playing back.  

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