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- The Extension Board for Claro halo -



24-bit/192kHz AK4396VF (120dB-part spec.) DACs for Rear, Center, Subwoofer and Rear surround

Gold plated RCA connectors

Swappable OPAMP sockets for all channels





XT is designed to extend analog outputs to 7.1ch for Claro halo

  • Gold plated RCA connectors for all output
  • Swappable OPAMPs for all Output

NOTE: XT is NOT stand-alone sound card. This is for Claro halo user only.

(1) Processor

  • 3 pcs  full-duplex ultra high 2ch 24-bit/192DAC (AK4396)

(2) Interface

  • Need to mount XT on your PC slot
  • Gold plated RCA connectors for Rear Left, Rear Right, Center, Subwoofer, Rear Surround Left and Rear Surround Right channel.

XT is availble separately. Please email to



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